Degree 3rd Year Routine 2024 PDF – Check Now

National University Bangladesh has unveiled the Degree 3rd Year Routine 2024 today through This marks the publication of the degree routine for the 2020-21 exam session. As per the official notice from NU, the Degree exams are scheduled to commence in January 2024 at 1:30 PM. To access the PDF of the degree routine, you can visit either the website or

The NU authority has officially released the Degree 3rd Year Routine 2024. If you are a final year degree candidate, you can find and download your routine here. Students from the 2017-18 session who have been eagerly anticipating the release of their final year routine can now obtain it from this source. All the relevant information about the routine and exam timings is provided on the respective platforms.

In a recent update, the National University has announced the publication of the Degree 3rd Year Routine for final year candidates. This information was released on June 2nd through the official website. The exams are scheduled to commence on July 30th and conclude on September 4th. Although this routine holds significant importance for final year candidates in terms of their results, it is also crucial for the overall preparation of degree final year students.

Degree 3rd Year Routine 2024 PDF - Check Now

Degree 3rd Year Routine 2024 PDF – Check Now

NUBD Degree 3rd year Routine 2024

You can now access the schedule for the final year degree exams on this website, as well as on the official website of the National University ( The latter is the authorized platform of the National University authority. On this webpage, you’ll discover comprehensive information regarding the Degree third-year examination, making it a central hub for all details related to the exam. This site serves as the primary online destination for the National University, and the Degree 3rd year routine is prominently featured here.

The upcoming third-year exam marks the culmination of studies for students in the 2017-18 session. Scheduled for July 30th, students are diligently preparing for this crucial examination. Participants from the 2017-18 session are currently undergoing their final year exams this July. The routine provides them with vital details such as exam date, time, day, and other essential information necessary for their preparations.

Degree 3rd year routine 2024 pdf

The Degree 3rd-year routine has been officially released. Students enrolled in the National University joined the Degree pass course for a duration of three years, starting from the 2017-18 session. However, due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, their exams and studies were halted for an extended period. Consequently, they faced delays in both their degree second-year and third-year exams.



Despite the challenges, the academic session of these students is reaching its conclusion this year with the final year exam. The schedule has been made available in PDF format, allowing students to conveniently download their Degree 3rd-year routine in a PDF file.

Considering the anticipation among numerous students for the release of the Degree 3rd-year routine, the National University has officially published it today. This routine holds significant importance for your upcoming final year exam. It is recommended that you download the Degree routine to facilitate your preparations and planning for the exam.

Degree 3rd year exam routine 2024 session 2021-22

Find the Degree 3rd-year routine right here, and feel free to save it on your mobile phone. Sharing this routine with your friends is also an option. Numerous colleges offer a three-year Degree pass course, attracting many students for the upcoming Degree exams.

The initial exam for Degree 3rd year, focusing on English, is set for July 30th. The series concludes with exams covering statistics, Rabindra Sangit, Najrul Sangit, or Lok Songit. As per the schedule, the Degree final year exam extends over a 4-hour duration, commencing at 1:30 PM.

You can access the Degree 3rd year routine for both the pass and certificate courses in Image and PDF formats. This routine holds particular significance for all final year candidates, as their admission to the final year depends on the results of this third-year exam. Therefore, it’s crucial for every candidate to aim for a commendable score in the NU Honours 3rd-year result.

Degree 3rd year exam routine 2024

The exam stands as the culmination of their three-year academic journey, and understandably, all students are anxious about the outcome. Failing this exam would mean having to dedicate another academic year to their studies. Fortunately, the Degree routine for the upcoming exam is provided here, offering students the chance to download their exam schedule.

Beyond the immediate concern, students are already contemplating pursuing a master’s course after the Degree final year exam. As the results play a crucial role in shaping their academic future, achieving a favorable CGPA is paramount. This underscores the importance of being well-versed with the Degree 3rd-year routine.

You can find the Degree final year routine on the main website of the National University, and the routine link is available here. Alternatively, you can access it on the official website of

Degree 3rd year routine on

It’s essential to note that the authority has the flexibility to modify this routine as needed, so it’s advisable to hold onto the schedule since it will be crucial during the exam period.

For National University degree pass students eagerly anticipating the commencement of the final year exam, we have the answer. The degree exam is set to kick off around February 4th, 2024. This date was officially announced by the NU authority on their website, and candidates are encouraged to stay updated through the nu notice board for any changes to the exam routine.

Participation in the Degree 3rd-year exam is contingent upon having the third-year routine. It’s a must-have for every candidate preparing for the final year exam, making it essential to save the routine on your mobile phone. You can easily download the routine in PDF format, and for the convenience of all Degree students, we have made the Degree final year routine available.

Degree final Year exam routine 2024

As per the schedule, it’s evident that the Degree 3rd-year exam will comprise a total of 28 exams. Students from various departments are gearing up to participate in this crucial final year examination. To stay well-prepared, it’s crucial not to overlook the significance of downloading the Degree final year routine for 2024.

This 2024 final year exam is drawing participants from across Bangladesh, with a staggering total of 300,000 students having completed the registration process for this session’s final year examination. It’s noteworthy that all these students are set to appear for the Degree final year exam, considering it marks the culmination of their academic session.

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