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HSC Alim Result 2024 Check Details Bangladesh

The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and Alim results for the year 2024 in Bangladesh hold tremendous significance for students, shaping their future academic pursuits and career paths.

Understanding HSC and Alim Examinations

The HSC and Alim examinations mark the culmination of secondary education in Bangladesh. These exams are conducted by different boards and hold considerable weightage in students’ lives, influencing their higher education opportunities.

Anticipation and Preparation

Students await these results with a mix of anticipation and nervousness. The period leading up to the result announcement witnesses fervent preparation and anticipation among students, who eagerly await their outcomes.

HSC Alim Result With Marksheet 2024

HSC Alim Result With Marksheet 2024

About Madrasah Education Board

Madrasah Education Board stands as a prominent educational body in Bangladesh, dedicated to promoting Islamic education and principles. Established back in 1979, this board functions under the guidance of the Bangladesh Ministry of Education.

What makes it distinctive is its curriculum, which intricately intertwines religious teachings and ethical lessons with modern education. Alongside this, the board shoulders the responsibility of administering the HSC Alim examination and releasing the subsequent HSC Alim results.

HSC Alim Result 2024

HSC Alim Result for 2024 was officially released today, on February 8, 2023, becoming accessible from 11:30 AM. Professor Kaiser Ahmed, the Chairman of the Madrasah Board, ceremoniously launched the unveiling of the HSC Alim 2023 Exam Result. Individuals can conveniently check their HSC Alim Result online by visiting the official websites of Madrasa Education Board Alim Result at www.bmeb.gov.bd or www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.

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The Madrasah Education Board routinely announces the HSC Alim result on its dedicated official Bmeb ebmeb gov bd HSC Alim Result website. This outcome will be readily accessible not only via the Madrasah Education Board’s official website but also through various other platforms.

How to Check Madrasah Board (HSC) Alim Result 2024?

There are multiple methods available for students to check their HSC Alim result for 2024. They can access their Alim Exam Result Marksheet by utilizing the official website of the Madrasah Education Board, the official mobile app, SMS service, or through the EIIN number associated with their respective institutions. The Madrasah education board aims to offer various accessible platforms for students to swiftly and effortlessly obtain their HSC Alim Result Marksheet with Number.

Accessing Madrasah Board Alim Result Online:

The official website of the Madrasah Education Board stands as the most straightforward and convenient means to check the HSC Alim result for 2024. This user-friendly platform furnishes students with a comprehensive overview of their performance in the examination. To check the result online, students simply need to visit the Madrasah Board website. By entering their examination roll number, students can swiftly access their results within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the official website provides supplementary information such as detailed marksheet specifics and subject-wise marks for students’ convenience.

Alim Result Marksheet by Online

Madrasa Education Board has released the Alim Result 2024, concurrently with the publication by other education boards. Students affiliated with the Madrasa Board can readily obtain their Madrasah Education Board HSC Alim Result 2024 Marksheet with Number here. To access your HSC Alim Result 2024 via the eboardresults website (eboardresult.com), simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website – http://www.eboardresults.com/
  2. Choose “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” from the “Examination” dropdown menu.
  3. Select “2023” as the “Year.”
  4. Pick your education board from the “Board” options.
  5. Opt for “Individual Result” under the “Result Type” category.
  6. Carefully input your HSC Roll Number in the designated “Roll” section.
  7. You may skip the “Registration” field for your HSC Exams Registration number.
  8. Complete the Security Key Captcha.
  9. Review all entered information and click on “Get Result.”
  10. Once completed, your HSC Result will be displayed.


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By following these steps on the eboardresults website, students can easily access and view their HSC Alim Result 2024 provided by the Madrasa Education Board.

Madrasah Board Alim Result By SMS

Another convenient method to check the HSC Alim Result 2024 is through SMS. Students can easily retrieve their HSC Exam Result for the Madrasa Board by sending an SMS to a specific number with their examination roll number. This offers a quick and straightforward option for students who might lack internet access or cannot visit the official website.

If you are a candidate for the Madrasah Education Board’s HSC Alim exam 2024, you can follow these steps to obtain your HSC Alim Result 2024 via SMS:

  1. Open your mobile messaging app.
  2. Create a new message.
  3. Type the following format in the message: Alim [space] Mad [space] Your HSC Roll [space] 2022.
  4. Send this message to 16222.
  5. You will receive a reply message containing your HSC Alim 2023 Exam Result 2024.

By following these steps, students can easily receive their HSC Alim Result 2024 for the Madrasah Board through SMS, providing a simple alternative for those without internet access or access to the official website.

Madrasah Board Alim Result 2024 By EIIN Code:

Madrasah Education Board provides another option for students to access their HSC Alim 2023 Exam Result using their respective institution’s EIIN number. Students can acquire this EIIN number from their school authorities and utilize it to retrieve their HSC result from the Madrasa Board’s official website. This alternative method offered by the Madrasah Education Board enables students to check their results by using the EIIN number linked to their institution, granting them access to their HSC results on the board’s official website.1

Check HSC Result By EIIN From Web Mail:

Firstly, navigate to the web-mail Result website by visiting: http://mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web/ Next, choose your board name from the options provided. Then, input your institute’s EIIN number. Select the exam type as HSC/Equivalent. Click on the option labeled “Get Institution Result.” Finally, the complete School’s HSC Result along with GPA details will be displayed for you.

HSC Alim result 2024 holds immense importance within Bangladesh’s madrasah education system. This result signifies the academic accomplishments of students and significantly influences their future career paths and prospects for higher education.

To facilitate easy access, the Madrasah Education Board offers multiple convenient methods for students to check their HSC Alim Exam Result 2024, such as online portals, SMS services, and using the EIIN number of their respective institutions. Regardless of the chosen method, it remains crucial for students to stay informed and promptly check their results upon publication.


The HSC and Alim results in Bangladesh hold immense importance, signifying the hard work and dedication of students. They mark the beginning of a new chapter, shaping the academic and professional journeys of countless individuals.

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