HSC Result 2024 in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) & Equivalent Exam Result 2024 has been officially announced. Today, on November 26, 2024, the HSC Result for this year has been declared. Alongside, results for HSC Equivalent exams like Alim, HSC Vocational, and HSC BM have also been released.

Students from various boards such as Dhaka, Chittagong, Comilla, Barisal, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Jessore, Sylhet, Mymensingh, Madrasa, and Technical Education Board can access their results online or via SMS.

To check the HSC and equivalent exam results for all education boards, students can visit www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and eboardresults.com. Additionally, students can view detailed results including mark sheets on their respective education board websites. Educational institutions have the option to download paperless results for each institution from www.educationboard.gov.bd and the respective education board portals.

For details regarding the release date of HSC and equivalent exam results, procedures to view results, as well as information on re-scrutiny notices and instructions, students can refer to the HSC Corner available on their respective education board websites.

HSC Result 2024 in Bangladesh

HSC Result 2024 in Bangladesh

HSC Result 2024 Bangladesh

Higher Secondary Certificate Exam, commonly known as the HSC Result in Bangladesh (BD), marks the culmination of public examinations in the country. This exam is undertaken by students who have completed classes XI and XII. Students from the General Education Board take part in the HSC examination, while those from the Madrasa Education Board participate in the HSC Equivalent Alim Examination.

Furthermore, students enrolled under the Technical Education Board participate in the HSC Vocational and HSC BM Exams. The commencement of higher education programs follows the release of the HSC Result 2024 in Bangladesh.

The HSC Result BD has been announced for a total of nine general education boards, namely Dhaka, Comilla, Rajshahi, Dinajpur, Barisal, Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore, and Mymensingh Education Boards. Additionally, the Alim exam results have been published for students under the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, while the HSC Vocational and HSC BM Results are out for students under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

HSC Result Publish Date and Time 2024

Today, on November 26th, 2024, the HSC exam results were officially released. Alongside, both the Alim Result 2024 and HSC Vocational Result 2024 were also published. All education boards unveiled their results simultaneously. The publication ceremony was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10 am Bangladesh time, and by 11 am, the results were made available online and through SMS simultaneously.

Here are the details for the HSC & Equivalent Exam Result 2024:

Event Name: HSC & Equivalent Exam Result 2024
Organizer: Ministry of Education
Date: November 26, 2024
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Medium: Online and SMS
Official Website: www.educationboardresults.gov.bd

HSC Exam Result 2024

As you might have heard, today marks the release of the HSC and equivalent exam results. The results for the nine general education boards and the two special education boards in Bangladesh were unveiled simultaneously on November 26, 2024, at 10 am. This year, the pass rate for the HSC and equivalent exams stands at 80.50 percent, with an impressive 110,000 students achieving a GPA-5.

The exams commenced on August 17, 2024, and concluded on September 25, 2024. However, due to floods, the exams for three education boards—Chittagong Board, Madrasa Board, and Technical Board—commenced on August 27th.

Here’s a quick overview of the HSC Exam Result 2024 and equivalent exam results:

Total Number of Candidates: 1,359,342
Pass Rate: 78.64%
Total GPA-5 Achievers: 92,365
Total Education Boards: 11
Exam Start Date: August 17, 2024
Exam End Date: September 25, 2024

HSC Result checking Rules

The announcement about the release of the HSC and equivalent examination results for 2024 has been officially shared. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has issued guidelines for both students and educational institutions.

According to these guidelines, results from all education boards can be accessed through online platforms, SMS, and specific apps. Additionally, students can check their results on the notice boards of their respective educational institutions.

These institutions have the option to download and display paperless results on their notice boards.

There are primarily four ways to access the HSC and equivalent exam results for 2024:

  1. Online
  2. SMS
  3. Apps
  4. Colleges/Madrasah Notice Board

Let’s explore the detailed methods to access the HSC and equivalent exam results. Students from all education boards and educational institutions have multiple options to collect their results through the method that suits them best.

Web based Result 2024 Checking Rules

The 2024 web-based results can be accessed through the eboardresults.com website, serving as a comprehensive platform for education boards in Bangladesh. Students from all education boards can access detailed results and educational institutions can download institution-specific results. Moreover, PDFs containing center and district-wise results are available for download. This website also provides statistical data on HSC and equivalent exam results for all education boards.

Notably, students can check their HSC results without a registration number on this platform. Here’s how to access the Web-Based HSC Result 2024:

  • Visit eboardresults.com.
  • Click on the result page link on the homepage.
  • Choose “HSC/Alim/Equivalent” from Examination Options.
  • Select “2024” from the Year option.
  • Pick your education board from the board option.
  • Opt for “Individual” from Result Type.
  • Enter your roll and registration number.
  • Input the security key as displayed.
  • Click on “Get Result.”

While this website allows access to the HSC Result Bangladesh without a registration number, for a detailed result with a mark sheet, both roll and registration numbers will be necessary.

Education Board Result Check 2024

You can access the 2024 results of all education boards through the official Education Board Results website at www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. This platform exclusively provides student results. To check the HSC Result 2024, you’ll need both your roll and registration numbers. Here’s how to access the HSC and equivalent exam results through the Education Board Results:

  • Visit www.educationboardresults.gov.bd.
  • Choose “HSC/Alim” from Examination Options.
  • Select “2024” as the Year.
  • Pick your board name from the options provided.
  • Enter your roll and registration numbers.
  • Input the correct sum displayed.
  • Click on the submit button to view your result.

All students from various education boards can access their results via the Education Board Results website. Here, students can find their GPA and subject-wise letter grades. However, this platform doesn’t provide the result along with the marksheet. For the detailed result with the marksheet, students should visit their respective education board’s website.

HSC Result Check by SMS

Using SMS is a quick and easy method to promptly receive your results once they’re out. Students can send messages right after the results are published to get their scores. You can use any mobile phone to send an SMS and the concerned mobile operator will respond with your result according to specific guidelines. Here’s how to know the HSC Result 2024 through SMS:

  • Open your mobile phone messaging app.
  • Compose a new message.
  • Type: HSC <space> Board Name (first 3 letters) <space> your roll <space> 2024.
  • Send the message to 16222.
  • Example: HSC DHA 123456 2024, send to 16222.

This SMS can be sent using any mobile phone operator. If sent successfully, you’ll receive a return message with details including your name, roll number, GPA, and subject-wise grades. Remember, standard SMS charges will apply for each message sent.

HSC Result With Marksheet 2024

This year, as in previous years, all education boards have published the HSC Result 2024 with marksheet. The marksheet showcases the student’s marks in each subject, along with the corresponding letter grades.

If students wish to access their HSC Result 2024 with marksheet, they can only do so through their respective education board’s website.

HSC Marksheet With Number 2024

Similar to previous years, this year, all education boards have issued the HSC marksheet. These mark sheets have been released by all education boards with numerical scores. They display the subject-specific marks acquired by the students, distinguishing between marks obtained in Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Creative Questions (CQ) within each subject. The HSC Marksheet 2024 with numerical scores will reveal both the subject-wise letter grades attained and the corresponding marks achieved by the students.

Education Board Result Marksheet

Each education board has released the HSC and equivalent exam results along with the marksheet. To access the Education Board Result Marksheet 2024, simply follow these steps on the respective Education Board’s website:

  1. Visit your education board’s website.
  2. Find and click on the HSC Result 2024 link.
  3. Opt for the Individual Results section.
  4. Enter your roll number.
  5. Click the submit button to view and download your marksheet.

Last word

Each education board has released the HSC Result 2024 with Marksheet, including the HSC Equivalent Alim Result 2024. Additionally, the Bangladesh Technical Education Board has published the HSC Vocational Result with Marksheet.

Beyond accessing web-based results on eboardresults.com, students can check the Education Board Results via www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. Furthermore, the Education Board Result 2024 can be accessed through each respective education board’s website.

Students have multiple avenues to swiftly access their results, including sending an SMS. Regardless of the method chosen, if you haven’t checked your result yet, feel free to do so using any of these methods. In case the result doesn’t meet expectations, there’s an option to apply for re-scrutiny. (*_*)

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